Released 2023-10-27
WEC7 (231019) so far only tested with armStoneA9r3-V2I-WEC7
WEC2013 (231026) so far only tested with EFUSA9R2-V3-W13
0005959: [Kernel] Add all Windows Embedded Compact 2013 Updates up to Wave 8 2023M06
0005929: [Ethernet] Receive DHCP IP after reboot may fail
0005856: [FCR] Error after long run in case BINFS is larger than data partition (FAT/F3S)
0005926: [RTC] Improve writing date and time to RTC registers
0005927: [Kernel] Improve reading date and time from RTC registers
0005930: [Kernel] Check RTC device state while boot
0005482: [Touch driver] Add support for TSC2004 on PicoMODA9 for HW revision 1.20
0003331: [CAN] CAN messages with short time distance may received in non chronologic order
0005963: [Display] Add support for 5V LVDS display (efusA9, efusA9R2 only)
0005958: [Touch driver] Add support for EXC3000 Touch
0005838: [Ethernet] Speed 10Mbps does not work (boards with RTL8211F Phy)
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