Released 2023-02-02
WEC7 (230125) so far only tested with NetDCUA9-WINCE7.
WEC2013 (230301) so far only tested with armStoneA9r4-V2I-W13.
0005737: [CAN] Add support for armStoneA9r4
0005736: [RTC] Add support for RTC PCF85263A and PCF85063A
0005341: [PWM] PWM IOMUX cfg something wrong
0005691: [Kernel] C2013: Add all updates up to Windows Embedded Compact 2013 - Dez 2022
0005643: [AIN] CreateFile may fail (NetDCUA9 only)
0005644: [Touch driver] Initialisation of touch driver may fail (NetDCUA9 only)
0005591: [Touch driver] PicoMODA9: modify tsc2004/sx865x reg-file using GEBoardRevision, LEBoardRevision
0005580: [Serial Driver/Interface] Add support for invert RTS signal
0005543: [USB device] Virtual COMPort under .NET does not work anymore
0005582: [Ethernet] If ethernet hangs, the Phy should be resetted too.
0005533: [Ethernet] Add VLAN support
0005575: [Touch driver] TchProxy timed out
0005517: [CEDDK] Several IOs on armStoneA9R3 may not work
0005536: [Touch driver] TSC2004 applied reset may be to short so that the driver is not loaded
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