Released 2023-09-28
0005951: [NBoot] Add new board NetDCUA7
0005950: [NBoot] Add secure boot for UL with MMC
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Released 2022-09-16
0005541: [NBoot] NAND dump does not work
0005540: [NBoot] Memory errors on armStoneA9
0005542: [NBoot] Board revision is wrong on armStoneA9
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Released 2022-05-23
0005378: [NBoot] Add support for new boards efusA9Xr2, armStoneA9R3, armStoneA9r4, PicoCoreMX6SXr2
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Released 2022-02-07
0005263: [NBoot] nboot for eMMC does not start on PicoCoreMX6UL when fuses not set and SD card is inserted
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Released 2022-02-01
0005164: [NBoot] Add support for new board efusA9r2
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Released 2021-08-05
0004803: [NBoot] Improve eMMC boot support
0004802: [NBoot] Add support for new board UL100
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Released 2021-06-01
0004735: [NBoot] change version naming for super secure variant
0004734: [NBoot] use built-in randomizer
0004732: [NBoot] correct DDR3 detection routine
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Released 2021-02-19
0004625: [NBoot] Add support for new board GAR3
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Released 2020-08-27
0004399: [NBoot] add eMMC MBR and FAT support
0004400: [NBoot] improve dosfs and fix known bugs
0004401: [NBoot] add support for boardconfig in eMMC boot partition
0004402: [NBoot] add eMMC access from USB MSD
0004398: [NBoot] add eMMC booting from fat in user partition
0004403: [NBoot] warn user if wrong nboot for boot device is downloaded
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Released 2020-04-29
0004288: [NBoot] add support for eMMC
0004289: [NBoot] add support for customer specific board VAND3
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Released 2020-02-20
0004210: [NBoot] add super secure version with disabled menu
0004211: [NBoot] move SDP disable fuse settings to separate function
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Released 2020-02-07
0004196: [NBoot] change spread spectrum settings for better EMC
0004197: [NBoot] set VCFL_ON to input, pin is used in ROM loader as output driving high
0004195: [NBoot] Verify image if 'x' is pressed when security enabled
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Released 2019-11-14
0004114: [NBoot] change checksum calculation to use neon processor
0004115: [NBoot] add info output over USB
0004116: [NBoot] disable warning in emfast driver
0004117: [NBoot] reset sendsize after USB upload
0004113: [NBoot] Add new board GAR2
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Released 2019-07-15
0003980: [NBoot] Add SD boot fuse settings
0003979: [NBoot] Add pin for GAR1 boardrevision
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Released 2019-01-31
0003549: [NBoot] Secure Boot support new CPU revisions
0003561: [NBoot] board GAR1 RAM Test failure
0003807: [NBoot] Add new boards
0003808: [NBoot] add customer specific variant FASTTEL
0003809: [NBoot] add bootoption for SD card for armStoneA9
0003810: [NBoot] add WLAN2 option in boardfeatures
0003811: [NBoot] skip M4 when using serial download
0003812: [NBoot] fix clock settings in Init_Clocks
0003813: [NBoot] add missings init code for PicoCOMA7
0003814: [NBoot] debug uart does not work for Solo/DualLight CPU on QBlissA9r2
0003815: [NBoot] USB connection makes nboot unresponsive
0003398: [NBoot] efusA7UL: board revision > 1.20 outputs string ">=1.20 detected"
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Released 2018-03-09
0003369: [NBoot] On i.MX6UL/ULL, add support for speed limitation to 528 MHz
0003370: [NBoot] On i.MX6UL/ULL, DVS is on NAND_DQS which is configured as output high by Boot ROM
0003376: [NBoot] mask HAB HDR to support different ROM code versions
0003377: [NBoot] use different DDR settings for new efusA7UL board revision and UL/ULL
0003378: [NBoot] adjust DDR settings for GAR1
0003380: [NBoot] correct speed table for ULL
0003381: [NBoot] add processor specific fuse settings for HAB
0003384: [NBoot] use different IOMUX for ULL tamper pins
0003385: [NBoot] version should be VSxx for secure loader
0003333: [NBoot] Wrong pins for config jumpers used
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Released 2017-11-09
0003325: [NBoot] remove unnecessary functions and menu entries in secure variants
0003324: [NBoot] add variant with changed start address for UL boot issue
0003326: [NBoot] add new functions for JTAG security fuses
0003323: [NBoot] Add new variants secure and secureprod with security features enabled
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Released 2017-04-26
0003214: [NBoot] boardfeatures for EFUSA9X set incorrectly
0003213: [NBoot] add MAC readout over USB
0003212: [NBoot] button on CUBE20 doesn't work
0003211: [NBoot] add secureboot
0003210: [NBoot] add new board GAR1
0003122: [NBoot] boardfeatures not detected properly after warmboot
0003123: [NBoot] reboot with 'r' does not work on UL
0003131: [NBoot] NDA9: Serial debug on wrong port
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