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0000928UBootUSB hostpublic2014-01-28 11:34
ReporterKeller Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionarmStoneA8-V1.2 
Fixed in VersionarmStoneA8-V1.0 
Summary0000928: USB stick not detected during boot
DescriptionUSB stick is not always detected during boot process. This makes starting of an autoscript file from a USB stick impossible.
Steps To ReproducePlug in USB stick in default U-Boot configuration. Autoload tries to detect USB stick but does not find it.
Additional InformationThe S3C64XX USB-Root-Hub reports in its descriptor that it needs 4ms from power-on to power-good. However this value seems far too little. We need at least 150ms.
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2012-01-31 10:28

manager   ~0000597

The problem is solved by adding a global 200ms delay in common/usb.c in function usb_hub_power_on(). The change will be added to the next version. In the meantime a patch is available in our forum: