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0000618PicoMOD6_LinuxKernelpublic2014-01-28 11:40
Reporteruser17Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in VersionV1.1 
Summary0000618: high battery power consumption on linux
DescriptionBy showing a RTC message on kernel start the battery power consumption on PMOD6 increase nearly 10 times. This does reduce RTC battery lifetime on customer Sielaff to weeks.
Steps To Reproducesupply battery power with external power with 3.3V to avoid effects from onboard battery
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2011-07-06 14:19

manager   ~0000443

Linux driver did activate RTC registers at start and deactivated them only at shutdown. But as long as the registers are activated, the power consumption is higher. Correct is to activate the registers immediately before reading from or writing to them and to deactivate them immediately after again.


2011-07-06 14:24

manager   ~0000444

Driver rewritten to handle register activation correctly.