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0006129fsimx_LinuxKernelpublic2024-05-22 14:44
Reportergerbach Assigned To 
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Versionfsimx8mp-Y2021.06 
Target Versionfsimx8m-next 
Summary0006129: [PCore8MP] Wrong DSP reserved_mem address for boards with less than 2GB dram
DescriptionThe dsp_reserved memory address is hard coded to 0x92400000. This is behind 1GB so for boards with less then 2GB this address is not valid.

This leads to unallowed writing of the dsp in the dram memory due to overflow.

We noticed this because the initramfs of the selftest was corrupted while booting Linux.
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2024-02-27 10:00

developer   ~0004734

Also we should remove the reserved memory entry if the dsp is not used or else the memory is still split and its hard to get large cmas