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0005897fsimx_LinuxAudiopublic2024-06-05 12:59
Reportergerbach Assigned To 
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Versionfsimx8mp-Y2023.09 
Target Versionfsimx-next 
Summary0005897: [i.MX8MP] SGTL5000 is not working after deep sleep
DescriptionAfter wakeup from deep sleep the I2S_MCLOCk is not on anymore, but the SGTL5000 needs it fir I2C communication.

The clock is generated with the audio_blk_ctrl driver and activated at boot which seems to have problems with the wakeup procedure
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2024-06-05 12:58

developer   ~0004933

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The I2C communication has also stopped working after a playback of an audio file.