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0005303efusA9Xr2_HWMISCpublic2022-04-14 12:09
ReporterWeber Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.00 
Target Version1.00Fixed in Version1.00 
Summary0005303: Wrong voltage level for MDIO and MDC
DescriptionWrong voltage level for MDIO and MDC:
RTL8211 need MDIO and MDC with same voltage level like NVCC_RGMII(1.8V)
Add voltage divider for MDC and level shifter for MDIO.



2022-04-14 12:09

manager   ~0004067

PCB order canceled
Add R527 and R528 for MDC.
Add Q25 and R2526for MDIO.
Set R203 and R526 to 2.49k.
Reorder PCB with changes.