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0004397UBootGeneralpublic2020-08-19 08:58
Reportergerbach Assigned To 
PrioritynormalSeverityfeatureReproducibilityhave not tried
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Versionpicocoremx6ul-B2019.11 
Target Versionpicocoremx6ul-B2019.11Fixed in Versionpicocoremx6ul-B2019.11 
Summary0004397: Create PicoCoreMX6UL release to support eMMC as boot device
DescriptionCreate PicoCoreMX6UL release to support eMMC as boot device
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2020-08-17 14:14

developer   ~0003179

Git commit: 9f5e7987eeadc306efa33338d997089f1c8fa272

Enable MMC as bootdevice
    Enable MMC functionality for fsimx6, fsimx6sx and fsimx6ul. If
    CONFIG_ENV_IS_IN_MMC is defined, the function board_mmc_get_env_dev()
    will read the bootdevice from fuses and store it in mmc_boot_device. The
    MMC devices are named in order of their initialization (MMC0, MMC1, ..),
    so the number must be ported from USDHC device to the position in
    initialization. For Vybrid the MMC-functions must be excluded. The
    memory layout is shown in the header files (include/configs/fsimx6.h).


2020-08-17 14:14

developer   ~0003180

Git commit: adcbf27362bd701b34774d5a93460fe2b1acda6f

Add fix for MMC as bootdevice
    If there is no NAND device present, return immediately from
    board_nand_init and nand_refresh_init or else the board hangs.


2020-08-17 14:15

developer   ~0003181

Git commit: 42c285e85e04ff441f9abb60d18c94bc20a073ea

Improve linux device tree editing
    Add function to enable/disable linux device tree nodes by alias,
    rather then the full path.


2020-08-17 14:15

developer   ~0003182

Git commit: e7bac666768a48fc89a201e33d3ad3947d957c36

Add eMMC bootmedium support for PicoCoreMX6UL
    Add board specific functions to initialize eMMC for the PicoCoreMX6UL.
    Distinguish between PicoCoreMX6UL and EfusA7UL pinmux


2020-08-17 14:16

developer   ~0003183

Git commit: 519a85cd3619f8dee87b07c35d6b02096eaae49d

Add UMS support to fsimx6ul_mmc_config
    Add USB Mass Storage support for fsimx6ul mmc varaints.
    By starting ums from uboot cmd line, the board can be used as
    usb mass storage from the Host-PC via the USB device port.
    The user can create / delete partitionsand write and read files via
    drag and drop from Host-PC.


2020-08-17 14:17

developer   ~0003184

Git commit: 4474cbc80a17cfa7608d306f4dfd21cbae3da54a

Add support for fat_write for fsimx6ul_mmc
    We need the fat write command to update kernel and dts via
    update script.
    So we have to add the original fat driver, which supports fat write.
    Also fix the fat Makefile so that fat.o does not get build when
    fat_write.o is build, because it includes fat.c.


2020-08-19 08:58

developer   ~0003200

Git commit: 0ce1f99af4026c0529b1ddb2eff0ba0e70babbe7

Update history file to u-boot-2018.03-picocoremx6ul-B2019.11