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0004378fsimx_LinuxGeneralpublic2020-07-29 14:16
Reportergerbach Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Versionpicocoma7-B2019.11 
Target Versionpicocoma7-B2019.11Fixed in Versionpicocoma7-B2019.11 
Summary0004378: [i.MX6UL] Create PicoCOMA7 release
DescriptionCreate own release for the PicoCOMA7 board.
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2020-07-29 14:13

developer   ~0003167

Last edited: 2020-07-29 14:15

Git commit: 91080035eedc6cb868bd62638b14e36934ce1d16

Add full device-tree support for PicoCOMA7
    Rework device-tree and add picocoma7ull dts


2020-07-29 14:14

developer   ~0003168

Git commit: 98a0db1cbfcede5613a742acb457faf863b267ce

Add imx6ul-touchscreen controller support
    - The imx6ul has its own internal touchscreen controller (TSC).
    Activate it in defconfig.
    - The original nxp code used the ipg clock as clock source, which did
    not work because the tsc clock never got gated.
    Add the tsc clock the clock infrastructure
    (which was missing for an unknown reason) and set it as root clock for


2020-07-29 14:15

developer   ~0003169

Git commit: cf15e44bda9b54ce1e1d3fd64eec7006dd28a37b

Add generic touchscreen functions to mx6ul-tsc driver
    Add function calls from linux touchscreen to support general touchscreen
    properties like touchscreen-inverted-x or touchscreen-inverted-y in
    device tree.
    See Documentation/devicetree/bindings/input/touchscreen/touchscreen.txt


2020-07-29 14:16

developer   ~0003170

Git commit: 2d5fcd30ee77f2e4f254fd28358f458a29f0a3d2

Update history file to linux-4.9.88-picocoma7-B2019.11