0004998: [Kernel] Add support for inversion of x,y coordinates
0004997: [Kernel] Add audio support for SGTL5000
0004996: [Kernel] Add spidev support
0004995: [Kernel] Remove old display timings
0004994: [Kernel] Add DT support for board rev. 1.10
0004993: [Kernel] Add support for g050tan01 panel
0004992: [Kernel] Add dynamic calculation of pll pms
0004991: [Kernel] Add device tree support for DSI2LVDS panels
0004990: [Kernel] Add basic support for TC358764
0004989: [Kernel] Add IOMUX configuration for UART
0004988: [Kernel] Add CLKO2 support
0004987: [Kernel] Corrects some compatible strings
0004986: [Kernel] Add support for PicoCoreMX8MM
0004985: [Kernel] Add 'best-match' attribute to set precise clock
0004984: [Kernel] Add sn65dsi84 to default configuration
0004983: [Kernel] Add support for sn65dsi84
0004982: [Kernel] Add support for display panels
0004981: [Kernel] Add BDIInfo driver
0004980: [Kernel] Correct compatible string for USB3 nodes
0004979: [Kernel] Add support for armStoneMX8M
0004978: [Kernel] NXP Version rel_imx_4.14.78_1.0.0_ga
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0004496: [U-Boot] Add support for target fsimx8mm
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