0004139: [MISC] Voltage breaks down when booting uboot
0004180: [MISC] Mount only R125 or R126.
0004076: [MISC] The signal RESETINn has no pull up resistor t 3.3V.
0004105: [MISC] Booting Problem
0004104: [MISC] Missing pull-up on SD_B_RST Pin
0004103: [MISC] False Voltage level on USB_VBUS Pins
0003983: [MISC] Wrong connection of WDOG reset pin
0003904: [MISC] Wrong I2C for PMIC
0003840: [MISC] Missing pull up for NAND_RB0 Signal
0003838: [Ethernet] Ethernet MDIO signals are reversed.
0003554: [MISC] Power Audio Codec form internal 3.3V
0003905: [MISC] Missing connection of "P1V35_DDR3_SW3"
0004075: [MISC] R39 and R38 are both placed on the board. This leads to a short circuit and the board does not boot.
0004034: [MISC] Change MIPI to LVDS
0003930: [MISC] Check capacitors on 24M oscillator
0003575: [MISC] "+V3.3S" is not connected to 3.3V
0003665: [WLAN] Change mountig for 24MHz
0003664: [MISC] Get RTCCLK from PMIC
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