Released 2013-08-21
0002032: [Display] Add generic LCD configuration
0002031: [Kernel] Add and use F&S Tux logo (Tux holding NetDCU logo)
0002033: [Touch driver] Buttons are only recognized after a second touch
0002030: [Serial Driver/Interface] Add correct Pull-ups and Pull-downs to UART lines
0001767: [SD/MMC] Some SD cards report timeouts
0001707: [SPI] Sending more than 22 bytes data not working w/ speed < 1MHz
0001766: [Touch driver] Use improved driver from S5PV210
0001611: [Display] Add PWM backlight control for VEEK
0001610: [Audio] Noisy sound when recording
0001609: [Touch driver] FT5X06: Add SYSFS support to configure parameters
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