0001497: [MISC] All RTS and CTS signales are interchanged
0001504: [MISC] Add additional serial interface on EXCD0/EXCD1 Pins (QSeven Spec 2.0)
0001507: [MISC] Add On-Board uSD-Slot. Only usable if WLAN is not populated.
0001506: [MISC] Remove external Ethernet MII on PCIe Slots 1 and 2
0001495: [MISC] Internal RTC consumes to much power. Add external RTC instead.
0001502: [MISC] Reorder Data-Pins on Camera-Interface
0001501: [MISC] Add PCI-Wake Pin
0001498: [MISC] Add Reset pin for Ethernet PHY.
0001503: [MISC] Rework Power-On sequencing of power management chip.
0001499: [MISC] Remove internal SPI Flash
0001496: [MISC] Add new JTAG pin connector for DS-5
0001536: [MISC] add config jumper
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