0005762: [Kernel] Improve bdinfo driver
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0005789: [U-Boot] Remove certain u-boot commands for secure boot
0005780: [U-Boot] Add functionality for Secure Boot on i.MX8MM Boards
0005781: [U-Boot] Add Option to menuconfig to toggle secure boot messages
0005782: [U-Boot] Improve functions from arch/arm/mach-imx/checkboot.c
0005783: [U-Boot] Add support for signed U-Boot Images for i.MX8M Boards
0005784: [U-Boot] Support signed Linux images on i.MX8M based Boards
0005785: [U-Boot] Add i.MX8MN support for Secure Boot
0005786: [U-Boot] Add support for op-tee
0005787: [U-Boot] Fix OC-RAM Layout for fsimx8mp
0005788: [U-Boot] Add secure boot for fsimx8mp
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