Released 2021-02-25
0004631: [NBoot] add reboot command
0004632: [NBoot] change NAND erase function keys
0004633: [NBoot] add BadBlock check function
0004634: [NBoot] add NAND test
0004635: [NBoot] mark and check BadBlock marker in first tree pages of block
0004636: [NBoot] add NAND functions for raw access
0004637: [NBoot] fix error in ldscript
0004638: [NBoot] fix Makefile for changes in ldscript
0004630: [NBoot] remove USB functionality
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Released 2017-08-15
0001724: [Serial Driver/Interface] Enable internal Pull-Ups on Serial interface pins by default
0003286: [NBoot] New flash not detected
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Released 2012-09-25
0001325: [SD/MMC] Initialize SD-Pins only when required
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Released 2012-01-09
0000887: [NBoot] Verify NBoot checksum before storing into flash.
0000886: [NBoot] Add support for additional 128MB memory chip.
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Released 2011-11-23
0000885: [NBoot] Add support for 128MB of RAM.
0000884: [NBoot] Correct detection of HW revision
0000883: [NBoot] Remove automatic deployment supported.
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Released 2011-05-18
0000882: [NBoot] SD boot needs updated. Remove some debug messages.
0000881: [NBoot] Some modifications are requried for automatic deployment process.
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Released 2011-04-28
0000880: [NI2C] Add possibility to store UBoot into flash
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Released 2011-04-14
0000879: [NBoot] Add SD card support
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