Released 2013-05-28
0001763: [NBoot] NetDCU14 Rev 1.20 redefines speed jumper to flash size
0001762: [NBoot] read from bootconfig pins sometime gets wrong settings
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Released 2012-11-28
0001437: [NBoot] PM7A-L2: Configure 24Bit LVDS converter for falling edge.
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Released 2012-11-21
0001421: [NBoot] Add ubotv210.nb0 as possible load source
0001428: [NBoot] Ram test not working for 512 MB version
0001426: [NBoot] Small change in SDHC clock calculation
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Released 2012-10-30
0001405: [NBoot] PM7A: Detect config jumper UARTSEL
0001404: [NBoot] Enable QoS_fast for memory access
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Released 2012-10-30
0001367: [NBoot] Always detects digital RGB interface
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Released 2012-07-29
0001070: [NBoot] Add support for nanoRISC
0001278: [NBoot] If started from SD card, run actions.txt automatically if it exists.
0001280: [NBoot] Add empty commands '\r' and '\n' to re-display menu
0001166: [NBoot] ND14: Some config pins are not configured with pull down
0001167: [NBoot] Add support for PicoMOD7A
0001182: [NBoot] wrong PCB revision displayed
0001069: [NBoot] Add support for 512MB NAND flash
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Released 2012-05-02
0001014: [NBoot] Add support for NetDCU14
0001027: [NBoot] Add new command to read nboot/eboot/uboot from NAND flash
0001026: [NBoot] NAND flash Micron 128MB doesn't work
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Released 2012-04-13
0001010: [NBoot] Add detection of 2nd LAN controller.
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