Released 2012-09-17
0001319: [NBoot] Support for Password and PM1 compatibility added
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Released 2012-07-25
0001170: [NBoot] PM7-L1 reports wrong memory size
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Released 2012-07-10
0001126: [NBoot] Optimized NAND flash timing
0001121: [NBoot] Output clock speed in NBoot menue
0001120: [NBoot] Add new command to read nboot/eboot/uboot from NAND flash
0001119: [NBoot] Add support for 512MB RAM
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Released 2012-01-11
0000878: [NBoot] Output version of NBOOT when load over serial or from SD
0000876: [NBoot] Add support for PicoCOM5
0000877: [NBoot] Improve boot time
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Released 2011-12-16
0000871: [NBoot] Add support for 128MB flash
0000870: [NBoot] Command s sometimes not work
0000840: [NBoot] Improve stability of USB in NBOOT
0000839: [NBoot] Add support for 12MHz USB crystal/osc
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Released 2011-09-23
Name changed to nbootc100_11.bin.
0000787: [NBoot] Read config pins to switch ARMCLK between 666MHz and 834MHz.
0000786: [NBoot] Clock speed of ARMCLK and memory clock is wrong
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