0004204: [MISC] Wrong Voltage Detector is mounted
0004190: [MISC] Change value of R45 for a lower minimum supply voltage (<15V).
0004189: [MISC] Change value of R65 from 100R to 47R.
0004174: [MISC] Improvements for ESD protection.
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Released 2019-10-07
0003972: [MISC] Inrush current blows fuse
0003968: [MISC] Connect USB_H_VBUS (J2-59) to 5V.
0003973: [MISC] Change R34, R37 to 10R and do not mount C6
0003974: [MISC] Mount L4 and L6 instead of R54 and R55.
0003975: [MISC] Replace IC1 B.ICANA.97 with B.ICANA.99
0003967: [MISC] Use upper 6 bit for 18bit rgb interface
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Released 2019-05-21
0003936: [MISC] Connect I2C_B_RST to TSC2004
0003934: [MISC] Connector J1 and J2 are reversed
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