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0005294FSiMX6NI2Cpublic2022-05-19 05:48
Reporterzutter Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionV3.00 
Target VersionV3.10Fixed in VersionV3.10 
Summary0005294: I2C3: does not work on efusA9r2
DescriptionI2C3: does not work on efusA9r2

TODO: move this to <baordname> regarding all boards:
    "FriendlyName"="Native I2C driver display con."
    "RepeatedStarts"=dword:1 ; default 1 repeated start enable, 0 disable
    "IntPullUp"=dword:1 ; Default - 0, 0:disable internal PullUp 1:100kDown, 2:47k Up, 3:100k Up, 4:22k Up
    "ClockFreq"=dword:186A0;61A80 ; 400000 kBit/s
    "Flags"=dword:02000000 ; DEVFLAGS_CHECK_BOARD - Check extended BoardRev values
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