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0005270FS OSM-SF-IMX8MM_HWPCIexpresspublic2024-04-26 05:10
ReporterGermanidis Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.00 
Target Version1.10Fixed in Version1.10 
Summary0005270: Change name and Voltage of PCIe (Standard)
Description"Rename PCIe_A_PRSNT# to PCIe_CLKREQ# (I OD CMOS) and change voltage to 1.8V.

Change PCIe_[A:D]_PERST# to 1.8V so SYS_RST# can be connected on-module. (SYS_RST# has 1.8V)."

Its possible with TXB0108YZP (2Pins are not connected)


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