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0005149fsimx_LinuxKernelpublic2022-03-10 09:25
ReporterjakobAssigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Versionfsimx7ulp-B2019.12 
Target Versionfsimx6ul-B2022.04Fixed in Versionfsimx6ul-B2022.04 
Summary0005149: Support for Display EE0350ET with Touchcontroller atmel
DescriptionAdd display support. There is a problem with the LPI2C which only allows sending up to 256 Bytes in one command. The atmel touch needs at least 580 Bytes to send which occurs an undefined state, so therefore it doesn´t work and the touch can´t be used. Try to find a solution how to solve it. Maybe it is possible to add a flag to send just up to 256 Bytes in atmel touch instead of the whole 580 Bytes.
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