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0003096UBootEthernetpublic2016-11-24 16:49
ReporterKeller Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Versionfsvybrid-V2.1 
Target Versionfsvybrid-V2.2Fixed in Versionfsimx6sx-V1.0 
Summary0003096: Ethernet does not work on NetDCUA5 board 1.21
DescriptionBoard revision 1.21 of the NetDCUA5 uses CKO1 to output the ethernet reference clock and feeds it back to the RMII clock pin that is now an input. This is different to the way it was done in the past, where RMII clock was an output and provided the ethernet reference clock. This was necessary to work around a hardware bug in the ethernet silicon on the Vybrid CPU.

Add support for this new hardware configuration. The new method must be used if FEAT2_RMIICLK_CKO1 is set in chFeat2 of the NBoot args.
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