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0003095UBootNAND-FMDpublic2016-11-24 16:48
ReporterKeller Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Versionfsvybrid-V2.1 
Target Versionfsvybrid-V2.2Fixed in Versionfsimx6sx-V1.0 
Summary0003095: Add nand convert command for fsvybrid
DescriptionBecause U-Boot on fsvybrid used a static OOB layout that was only meant for OOB areas with exactly 64 bytes size, the page layout in U-Boot differed from NBoot when the actual OOB size was other than 64 bytes. In this case U-Boot and Linux could not read what NBoot had written and vice versa. This meant we could not update U-Boot from U-Boot because NBoot could not read this image later when booting the next time.

We have fixed this issue in the U-Boot and Linux drivers already, but we also need a way to convert existing NAND content of boards in the field from the old to the new format, for example as part of an update procedure.

Add a conversion command to do that.
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