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0002177fsvybrid_LinuxKernelpublic2014-04-07 15:38
ReporterKeller Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Versionfsvybrid-V1.2 
Target Versionfsvybrid-V2.0Fixed in Versionfsvybrid-V2.0 
Summary0002177: The status LEDs on fsvyvbrid are not kept from U-Boot
DescriptionThe status LEDs on PTC30+31 of all F&S Vybrid boards should keep the state that was set previously in the boot loaders. However they always are switched off when Linux starts, despite the fact that we use LEDS_GPIO_DEFSTATE_KEEP.
Steps To ReproduceIn U-Boot set the LEDs to on with

  led all on

Then start Linux, the LEDs will switch off.
Additional InformationThe driver can not read the state of the LEDs to keep because the input buffer (IBE) is not enabled on the LED GPIOs.
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