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0001019fss5pv210_LinuxUSB hostpublic2014-01-28 11:41
ReporterKeller Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionarmStoneA8-V1.0 
Target VersionarmStoneA8-V1.1Fixed in VersionarmStoneA8-V1.1 
Summary0001019: USB mice don't work, however USB storage media do work
DescriptionUSB low-speed and USB full-speed devices don't work if connected directly to the board. However if connected via a USB hub, they do work. Storage devices always work.
Steps To ReproduceAttach USB stick: will work
Attach USB mouse: won't work
Attach USB stick again: won't work now, too
Additional InformationThe default configuration (and therefore kernel image) only hat EHCI driver enabled. This will work with high-speed devices, but not low-speed devices. However if a low-speed or full-speed device is connected via a high-speed USB hub, the hub does a speed conversion. Then the device is seen as high-speed device and the EHCI controller can even talk to a USB low-speed mouse. But if connected directly to the board, it must be accessed as low-speed device and then the OHCI driver is required.

So the solution is to enable both drivers, EHCI and OHCI, in the default configuration.
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